Founded in 2003, Momentum 18 is a mighty boutique ad agency and design studio. And when it comes to multidisciplinary design, communications and branding agencies, bigger is not always better. If you want creative leadership, down to earth concierge service, and award-winning design–you are in the right place. We work with companies nationwide and in Europe from our office in Princeton, NJ. Our clients value and require noteworthy brand development and so do we.

The Momentum 18 advantage? We are proven. (period). We can also turn on a dime, thrive on challenges, and move as a unit intelligently and swiftly.


  • Functioning as a boutique ad agency to build all phases of your brand ecosystem. Examples: identity, print marketing collateral, web design, packaging design, advertising, media kits and social media.
  • Functioning as a design studio to handle some of the less glamorous, yet critically important collateral as well. Examples: IFUs, package inserts, calendars, pitch materials, swag, posters, human services docs, flyers, etc.
  • Helping to transform organizations, reinvigorate brands and grow businesses in many different sectors, from the small and independent to healthy mid-size privately owned businesses, and even a few large multi-national corporations. Working in a variety of market segments such as health and fitness, software, manufacturing, engineering, medical, small pharma, legal, food services, cosmetics – the list goes on and on.
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