What it means to be Momentum 18

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Company Background

A boutique agency that began in Raleigh-Durham, NC in 2003 is now beginning a new chapter in Atlanta, GA. We're a little office of unusually earnest and talented creatives enhancing brands of different shapes and sizes. Over time, the focus has become more and more on branding and particularly largescale rebranding projects. This has required Momentum 18 to be multi-disciplinary by nature. It’s common for a new client to choose us for a process vision of logo design to web design to print development, rather than seeking several individual companies and watching their brand consistency go down the tubes. That being said, we do work on a la carte projects quite often as well.

For Small Businesses That Need to Look Big

Small businesses have smaller budgets, but that doesn’t mean that their goals are smaller. Momentum 18 helps bridge that gap between “smaller budget” and “need to compete with companies handled by big agencies.” We firmly believe that we offer the highest quality work for the cost. Making small business look big is something we do very naturally.

For Medium Size Businesses and Global Corporations

We are experienced taking care of brands and holding true to brand standards. As team players, we can work closely with your marketing strategists to produce eye-catching collateral that is consistent with your overall strategy. We embrace trends and innovations, but more or less from a traditional foundation.